Seeing Double…Take

Things have been quiet on the Blog site recently and many of you have contacted me to see if I’m still alive! I can confirm that I’m alive and well and have simply been keeping the nose to the grind-stone!

I have been tech-lead on a very large and exciting project  so my blogging has taken a back seat! Today I thought I’d share some of that recent experience with you, which leads me to Vision Solutions Double-Take.

Double-Take allows for data synchronisation between physical servers and virtual environments, between disparate datacentres in fact just about any circumstance you can imagine!

Double-Take is software, it sounds simple but the benefit of this is we don’t need to rely on  expensive and complex SAN replication to sync data between two different geographic locations.

I used various replication products over the years from xCopy to SAN level and the beauty of Double-Take is that it is simple to use yet mature enough to be stable and organisation ready…

Organisation ready? Yes! Consider this, a SCOM management pack, PowerShell API and a very professional and knowledgeable support and pre-sales teams. My recent work has involved a large amount of deployment automation for complex state-full applications. Automating installation and configuration of Double-Take was a breeze!

Why not check it out:

Microsoft Premier Support for Lync Partners – PSLP

Microsoft Premiere Support for Lync Partners represents a change in the support model for Lync Enterprise Voice features. Registered partners are required to undergo additional training, certification and to have the necessary systems and processes in place to provide a “Premier” level of support to customers.

Let’s be honest here, this is not a box ticking exercise, this is Microsoft’s answer to making sure businesses can sign up for support from third-party organisations that not only have an advanced level of in house engineer but are backed by Microsoft Expertise. In order to escalate calls to Microsoft it is necessary to be a  registered PSLP partner. So before you enter that next Lync support contract or purchase a cloud based Lync solution make sure the company you buy from are on the list!

You can view the current members here:

Companies must have two levels of engineer and varying quantities of each. Those types are called Support Engineers and Depth Support Engineers. The eligibility criteria to sit the exams is stringent and involves attending one week and two week training courses respectively in addition to possessing various Microsoft certifications.

This week I sat (and passed) the Support engineer exam. It was good to see Microsoft ramping up the difficulty on their exam track with an exam that really tests in depth knowledge of a complex product.

So when you are choosing a company to help you realise your unified communications ambitions make sure they can walk-the-walk, so you get a system that allows you to talk-the-talk!