I’m working from home… I get more done!

I still remember the first time I ever worked from home, a joyous glee passed over a 19 year old me. It was a feeling much akin to having taken a days annual leave. This initial experience of working outside of the usual environment, dressing gown and suitably loud teenage-angst-ridden music both present, achieved very little. There were no VPNs, thinking back there was barely any internet. The day involved reading some literature and writing a presentation or two which would be delivered via the usual drab PowerPoint method to suitable superiors.


Fast forward to today and there is barely a week, let alone month goes by where my Lync status does not at least once display the beloved WFH acronym, the only difference is now, I get more work done from home, so what changed? Did I become suddenly more conscientious (probably) but the truth is that my home toolset is better than the tools I have in the office. I have great equipment at work in a fantastic environment, but at home I have everything I need and more so, everything I wanted!

I blessed to work for a company that has great remote working facilities and collaboration tools. My Swiss army kit includes the traditional Laptop and phone, but more so the software is what really enables me outside of the office.

Lync enables me to get a complete view of the people within the business, regardless of where they happen to be sat, I take my phone number with me when I work from home, and colleagues can ask me questions via instant message or share their desktops during a call when it’s just easier to see things!. A solid VPN and SharePoint allow me access to the documents I need, and the documents of my colleagues. Exchange and Outlook are of course the backbone of rich email services. All company databases and systems have been made available via the VPN for a truly seamless experience.

I get more done, because it’s possible to do more, is your business giving you the tools you need to really succeed?



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