Adding SCOM Management Groups to Agents Using Powershell

I’ve been buried in automation recently, which has thrown up more than the odd technical challenge along the way. One which I found surprising was the lack of a PowerShell script for adding management groups to SCOM agents… There was a VB Script available but I decided it was time to get with the program, the script I wrote can be found here:

The manual process for adding management groups to SCOM agents can be found on TechNet here:

Profiles for Lync – Manage Multiple Lync Profiles with Ease

For those of us developing and managing multiple Lync environments changing between various test profiles can become frustrating. I wanted to make this easier but it turns out I was beaten to the punch by Profile for Lync!

“Profiles for Lync” is a small Windows application that manages, and allows you to switch between, multiple Lync client profiles.

This tool allows me to easily switch between environments and test accounts.

You can read about it and download it here:

Many thanks to Greig!