Microsoft Tech.Days Building a Private Cloud Camp! – Bristol

Things have been busy for me over the last few weeks but I wanted to take the time to post about the Microsoft Private Cloud Camp I attended in Bristol last week.

If you have never attended a Microsoft Tech-Day before you are seriously missing out! With the cloud becoming a pivotal part of any IT service offering more and more attention is being focused upon the underlying architecture, total cost of ownership and return on investment. It’s right that each business assesses their requirements against the offerings from key virtualisation players such as VMware, Microsoft, Xen etc… Enter Microsoft, until recently I had little exposure to the Microsoft HyperV offering, it simply hadn’t been able to meet my needs.

The reasons to move to HyperV are becoming more and more compelling. I’d be lying if I said that licensing costs are not the key driver for many VMware houses to make the switch but the costs alone are unlikely to be the deciding factor for many. In short HyperV teamed with the Systems Center suite can deliver an efficient datacentre that is efficient and easy to manage.

System Center does not only let you manage Virtual Computers it is a complete toolset for you to manage your entire environment. If you have not already downloaded the trials then now is the time to start:


The Tech training camp covered a good deal of the suite in a short period of time, from automating common tasks to creating self-service client portals anything is possible! Orchestrator lets you centralise and re-use existing scripts and workflows. Virtual Machine Manager provides a single management point for cloud and datacentre servers including links to Microsoft’s Azure service. The list goes on and the System Center products really start to add value when you combine them to automate datacentre management and your existing workflows.


Meet the Presenters

Get a bad presenter and any training or tech event will suffer! Thankfully we got not only a good presenter but three! Andrew and Simon did a great job of discussing the issues the room agreed upon and sticking to the tightest of schedules. Helpfully this was accented by Damian’s in depth-knowledge of the Systems Center suite. Sign up for the blogs below you’d be a fool not to!

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